Pet Goat Sales

Young Hand raised does

Goats make excellent family pets.

They are fun loving, opportunistic,  very inquisitive and gregarious animals.

They can be extremely people and herd orientated animals.

Therefore it is recommended when purchasing goats as pets that you always consider at least two animals.

Pet goats sold by Dromkeen are generally handraised and bottled fed from birth and are weaned at approximately 12 weeks.

Goats can live for approximately 12 years if cared for well and properly maintained.    Refer to our Management and Production pages

We do not advise that goats be tethered as this is contrary to their natural grazing habits and may contravene local Council or RSPCA regulations which could result in prosecution and heavy fines.

A large number of pet goats are available throughout the year.

For further information contact Glenn on 0419 905 884 or or post your enquiry online.



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