Buck Sales


Dromkeen generally has a range of bucks for sale throughout the year.

These consist of :

  • Registered CMI certified full blood bucks
  • Unregistered full blood bucks
  • F5+ bucks


The majority of bucks sold by Dromkeen are CMI graded.  This is an independent grading system based on the same type of systems used in the cattle and sheep industries and measures rib fat, rump fat, eye muscle area, intramuscular fat as well as a visual assessment of head, testicles, skeletal form, legs and hips.   An assessment is also made of the animal’s temperament within a crush and the yard.

This process culminates in a CMI point score (Carcase Merit Index).

*   CMIs are objectively measured indicators used  to improve breed performance and meat traits.

*   CMIs are based on age, liveweight, Eye Muscle  Area, Fat Depths (Rib and Rump) and Intramuscular Fat .

*   Animals with heavy liveweight, large eye  muscle area, least fat depths and high intramuscular fat will be graded  highest.



Buck 1   –      Age 2 yrs –     LWT  = 95kg,      EMA = 20.8,     Rib = 4.5,       Rump = 6.0,       IMF = 3.0

CMI Score – 34.6 (Graded –  Elite)


Buck 2  –      Age 2 yrs –      LWT =  84.8,      EMA = 24.52,      Rib = 2.0,    Rump – 3.0,      IMF = 3.5

CMI Score – 50.0 (Graded  –  Super Elite)


CMIs should not be  used in isolation but to make informed decisions about animals together with  other relevant data such as Average Daily Weight gains, Feed Conversion rates,  Structural correctness and Environment.

Dromkeen uses  Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) as well as CMIs for its herd  improvement.

For further  information please contact Glenn on 0419 905 884 or glenn@glendalong.com.au or post an  enquiry online.


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