Feeding Regimes

Feeding regimes are individual to each enterprise but should identify the difference between commercial animals and show or companion animals.

Bucks need to be in good condition prior to the breeding season because feed intake is usually lower during these times.  Body condition score of around 3 or slightly higher would be ideal prior to the breeding season as it may drop to 2 or below during the season.

Commercial does may be bred earlier than show or companion animals as commercial breeders are possibly more financially aware of the return on animals and therefore require their animals to be productive at a much earlier age. Again body condition score is relevant to these animals and their average daily weight gains are also important.   Does which are over 40kg liveweight even if under 12 months of age, could be mated but individual breeders need to make their own decision on this.

Pregnant does or lactating does will require increased feeding regimes to enable them to not only produce quality kids but to feed those kids to weaning.

Kids can be creep fed which will provide extra growth for the kids and train them to supplementary feeds which also facilitates weaning.


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