There are basically two parasite issues –  internal parasites and external parasites.

External Parasites

There are a number of external parasites which can impact on goat health and production.    One of the most common of these are lice.   There are two types of lice affecting goats.   The “blue” or sucking lice that feed on the blood of the animal and the “red” species or biting lice that feed on the surface tissue and scurf.

The sucking lice will cross infect both goats and sheep.   The biting lice are breed specific.   Always ensure that chemicals used for lice are registered for goats.

Internal Parasites

There are a number of stomach and intestinal worms that affect goats and include:

  • Barbers pole worm
  • Black scour worm
  • Brown stomach worm
  • Tape worm
  • Liver fluke
  • Stomach fluke
  • Small lung worm
  • Nodule worm
  • Thin necked intestinal worm

Worms can be classified into three main types which correspond to the mechanism they use to cause ill health.  They are:

  • Blood sucking
  • Damage to the gut lining
  • Migration through tissue

There are two major methods for controlling worms

  • Chemical – the use of drenches
  • Non Chemical – the reduction of larval contamination on pastures

(Source Australian Goat Notes)

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