Nutrition is the most important issue whether you are producing meat goats, getting ready for a show or just making sure your companion is well looked after.   Goats do not eat anything but have a selective grazing habit which enables them to eat a wider range of plants than either sheep or cattle.

Ideally goats do best when given feed ad lib but that process may not be financially viable for most producers.    Goats need a mixture of fresh green grass and roughage in the form of hay.   Where green grass is not readily available, then a supplementary feed such as grain either natural or in the form of pellets, or as a premix can be used but hay is still a requirement.

Irrespective of the age of the animal or breeding status that is pregnant does, working bucks, they all have a basic requirement for water, energy, protein vitamins, minerals and roughage.  It is only the quantities which will change.

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